Allergen / Asthma Trigger Test

The yogi House Call is the only comprehensive asthma and allergy trigger tests that assesses for mold, pollen, pet allergens, dust mites, rodents, cockroaches, VOCs and formaldehyde.

asthma trigger

The yogi House Call tests for:

  • Biological aerosols
  • Airborne fungal concentrations
  • Non-viable mold spores, identified to the genus
  • Background debris
  • Skin cells
  • Insect fragments
  • Pet hair
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Smuts
  • Hyphal fragments
  • Dust mites Der f1 & Der p1
  • Cockroach Bla g2
  • Dog allergens Can f1
  • Cat allergens Fel d1
  • VOCs (total as n-hexane)
  • Formaldehyde

Customizable to include rat and mouse allergens (Rat n1; Mus m1) and/or cockroach allergen (Bla g1) upon request.

Identify home triggers for as low as $149!*

What are your asthma and allergy triggers? With the House Call product line you can assess your indoor air quality to help determine what’s making you sick. Simply rent a yogi for $40.00 and add any or all of these tests. Test today for a healthier tomorrow.

ADVANCED ALLERGEN PANEL $349 >>> more details

ADVANCED MOLD SPORE PANEL $149 >>> more details

FORMALDEHYDE TEST $149 >>> more details

VOCs TEST $149 >>> more details

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Helping physicians help patients

Patients know the pain and frustration of an allergy or asthma attack. Healthcare providers know the frustration of how difficult it is to identify what is triggering those symptoms.

By testing with the yogi House Call, patients provide physicians a key piece of the diagnostic puzzle, which can lead to more effective treatment.

Identifying triggers to treat better

To get a COMPLETE picture of indoor air quality, the yogi House Call is the best choice. When patients provide Live Pure’s comprehensive lab reports to their physicians, they’ve delivered the insights needed to diagnose and treat more effectively.

The all-in-one yogi House Call is a complete, color-coded kit that  assesses a patient’s indoor air using the same methods and accredited labs that professionals use.

Peace of Mind

Our all-in-one kit assesses air for common triggers. Sleep easier knowing you’ve tested your home air and obtained results from an independent, accredited lab.

Simplicity & Value

The test kit is easy-to-use, with a color-coded sampling system. Use the House Call to identify triggers and possibly reduce treatment costs.

Speedy Results

We value your time as much as you do. Use the yogi House Call to collect your samples in just minutes and get your lab results back in 10 business days.

Learn more about the yogi House Call today.

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