Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing

Have you ever tested your air quality for asbestos? Is there asbestos in the air at your home or office?

Asbestos is a cancer-causing mineral fiber found in rock and soil, and was used as a popular fire retardant in various building materials for decades. If your home currently contains asbestos products, it’s possible that these fibers can be released into the air when disturbed or damaged during demolition work, home maintenance, repairs or remodeling.

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A Costly Problem

Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Further, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air can contain up to 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air, making indoor air quality a real health and economic concern.

It’s estimated that the U.S. could recognize up to $200 billion annually in savings and productivity gains by improving its indoor environments.

Sources of asbestos

Along with some insulations, pipe wraps, shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, textured paints and joint patching compounds, asbestos has also been used in manufactured goods such as paper and cement products and heat-resistant fabrics.

Health effects of asbestos exposure

Health conditions related to asbestos include lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis, and can be difficult to diagnose. One thing is for certain: exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing these diseases. The greater the exposure, the greater the risk.

Test today. Test COMPLETELY.

Testing indoor air is important. But don’t just test for one contaminant – get a COMPLETE picture. The easy, color-coded yogi indoor air and water test assesses for 9 contaminants and is the most comprehensive DIY test on the market.

Understand what’s in your air and water today, for a healthier tomorrow.

*NO SURPRISES* - the yogi test kit includes all lab and shipping fees.

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