Tips For New & Expecting Parents

What every new and expectant parent should know

As an expectant or new parent, the to-do list is long! Mothers-to-be are taking care of themselves, dealing with the joys of pregnancy, “nesting” and trying to stay comfortable. Partners may be preparing nurseries, and trying to keep moms-to-be as happy as possible!

New parents are trying to enjoy their baby’s or toddler’s milestones while balancing other commitments, like work or older children.

During this time, are you thinking about your environment? Are you and your family breathing healthy air? Is the water you’re drinking free of toxins?

Babyproofing basics

Babyproofing your home is an important part of nesting. Parents magazine article on Babyproofing Basics reminds you to:

  • Cover outlets
  • Lock cupboards
  • Gate off stairs
  • Perform general clean-up

But as you start to babyproof, have you thought about the indoor air that your infant, crawler, and (before you know it) toddler will be breathing? What about yourself?

Here’s our #1 babyproofing tip

With everything you do for your baby or toddler, we propose the #1 babyproofing tip is ensuring that the air they’re breathing and the water they’re drinking very day is HEALTHY. Your growing family deserves it, and the yogi will assess whether they’re getting it.

The yogi is the easiest, most complete DIY home environmental test on the market, assessing for mold, allergens, lead, asbestos, radon, VOCs and formaldehyde in air and lead and copper in drinking water.

Air quality is even more impactful on…


…children and expectant mothers. Poor indoor air and water quality impacts these groups even more:

  • Expectant moms – toxins impact the developing fetus due to rapid cell development during gestation
  • Infants – lower lung volumes make this group especially suspectible to indoor air pollution
  • Children – toddlers and young children experience rapid brain development  making them more vulnerable to toxin exposures


Peace of mind for you and your family

The yogi home test helps identify problems that may have serious immediate or long-term effects on your health and empowers you to take action to improve your living space.

Breathe easy, drink safe and sleep tight

Should any results be high, you receive a complimentary phone consultation with a certified expert who can advise on alleviating any issues, often quickly and affordably.

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