The Best Valentine’s Day Gift You’ve Never Thought Of

Feb 7, 2018 | Products

Are you stressing about what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Every year, around half of the United States celebrates this “Hallmark holiday,” indulging in fancy dinners, beautiful bouquets of flowers, delectable sweet treats and jewelry.

Some of us even get anxious about what to buy as a testament of our love. Maybe you’re wondering what you can do this year that’s different from past years.
Don’t panic!

Here are how the costs of some of our old standbys stack up, along a creative new gift that you may want to try.

  • Candy/Chocolate: Around 94% of people want chocolate or candy with $1.7 billion spent on Valentines Day alone.
  • Cards: Card sales in general have been steadily falling for years. Only 47% of consumers are expecting to give cards, compared to the 63% a decade ago. It’s projected that $1 billion will be spent on cards this year.
  • Flowers: About 35% of shoppers will buy flowers for their valentine. A dozen roses will set you back around $50.
  • Dinner: This part of the big day can be stressful if you’ve waited until the last minute. Prices for a nice night out can add up to $200 or more depending on if you indulge in appetizers, desserts or adult beverages. Don’t forget about parking, valets, or cab fare!
  • Jewelry: This is a more expensive venture on Valentine’s Day, around 19% of consumers will splurge on an accessory. Depending on your taste and/or budget, a gift like a pair of diamond earrings can set you back up to $800.

Many consumers will spend upwards of $500 this year for Valentine’s Day, but the average will probably be closer to $140. If you’re committed to showing the one you love how much they mean to you, but are tired of the same old same old, here’s a suggestion: the yogi. In the spirit of healthy living, why not offer your Valentine the ultimate product that delivers peace of mind?

The yogi home environmental testing kit assesses for mold, allergens, lead, asbestos, radon, VOCs, formaldehyde and even offers a drinking water test to check for lead and copper. At $799.00, the yogi is a complete test that gives you easy-to-understand results and actionable data to improve your living space. Should any results be high, your Valentine also receives a complimentary phone consultation from one of our experts.

Plus the positive effects of testing air quality will have benefits that last well beyond February 14th!

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