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Make more money with each inspection

How would you like to grow your business while providing a value-added service to home buyers at the same time?

When you add the yogi-go system to your home inspection, you deliver a complete assessment of a property’s air and water quality to clients, plus gain a new revenue stream for yourself.

Does your client’s home have sick house syndrome?

Poor indoor air quality can make homeowners sick. When you offer home testing from Live Pure, you’re offering your clients the most comprehensive home environmental testing on the market.

Whether an older home or new construction, contaminants and toxins can be emitted through a number of sources and lead to significant health issues. The yogi-go portable environmental test kit enables you to test for mold, allergens, radon, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and VOCs in air and lead and copper in water.

Home testing is not only another revenue stream for you, but a valuable service for them.

Provide peace of mind & get referrals

When you test your client’s prospective home, you’re providing peace of mind. Should any results require mitigation, they’re empowered with the data needed to make their new home safe, along with a valuable bargaining chip.

And happy clients tell their friends!

Rise above the competition

Most home inspectors don’t offer environmental testing, so your business will be on the leading edge.

By marketing this valuable new service to your clients, you can increase your client base and grow your business faster.

Live Pure’s program allows you to offer complete environmental testing backed 100% by our accredited labs, Certified Industrial Hygienists and sales and marketing team.

Live Pure supports you 100%

Our lab is your lab

Using the yogi-go mobile environmental test is easy. You simply collect the samples and send off to our independent, accredited labs. They test samples using scientific methods developed by the EPA, NIOSH, ASTMD and OSHA.

Our CIH is your CIH

All lab tests are reviewed and interpreted by our Certified Industrial Hygienists, and delivered with an easy-to-understand results summary for all contaminants. Should any results come back high, a free CIH phone consultation is also included.

Add the yogi-go to your toolbox


The yogi-go portable environmental test kit is:

FAST – sampling takes just minutes

EASY – pre-calibrated device has a color-coded, intuitive keypad

COMPLETE – test for multiple contaminants with one unit: it’s like 3-pumps-in-1

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