How to test air quality

How do I test my indoor air quality?

There are so many air quality tests on the market, how do you cut through the clutter? When considering indoor air quality (IAQ), it’s important to think holistically.

The yogi indoor air quality test is the only complete do-it-yourself test on the market, capable of assessing for mold, allergens, radon, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and VOCs in your indoor air. It also includes a basic test for lead and copper in your drinking water. The yogi assesses your environment fully and results come from an independent, accredited lab.

Using the yogi to test your indoor air quality

It’s all about the technology

When you choose the yogi, you’re getting 3-pumps-in-1. The yogi’s patented technology features a variable flow rate pump to test for multiple contaminants with one device.

But you probably don’t care about that. You want SIMPLICITY. The yogi’s color-coded system gives you that.

It takes just minutes to collect your samples with the yogi. Instead of testing for one contaminant, you’re testing your indoor environment COMPLETELY.

Check out how the yogi works in this video.

A fast, easy process

Two ways to test your indoor environment

Test completely - get 25% off during our summer sale!

The yogi air and water quality test is the ONLY product that tests for mold, allergens, radon, lead, asbestos, formaldehyde and VOCs in air, and lead and copper in water in one complete kit. Plus, you can perform annual testing with the reusable instrument. All lab and shipping fees are included.

Mix and match!

With the yogi rental program, you can assess your indoor air and water quality for just the contaminants you're most concerned with. Simply rent a yogi for $40 and add on individual tests to assess what may be causing or contributing to acute or long-term health issues. All lab and shipping fees are included.

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