yogi Rental Program

Introducing the yogi rental program

Test for the contaminants you care most about

Home Air Quality Test Kit

The yogi DIY indoor air quality test device is now available for rental.  Assess your indoor environment and get actionable results to improve the quality of your living spaces and become your own health advocate.

Our yogi rental program allows you to mix and match so you’re only testing for the contaminants that you’re most concerned about. 

You’re in control

With this new program, simply rent the easy-to-use, color-coded yogi sampling device for $40.00 and add on sampling media a la carte to test for:

  • Mold
  • Allergens
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • VOCs
  • Formaldehyde

Should any contaminant levels come back high, your results also include a free consultation with our certified experts.

What will you test for?

Rent today or test completely for added savings

Mix and match!

Our yogi rental program enables you to assess your indoor air quality for just the contaminants you choose to. Simply and add on individual tests to evaluate what may be causing or contributing to acute or long-term health issues. All lab and shipping fees are included.

Test completely!

If you’re considering testing completely, consider the complete yogi air and water quality test. It tests for all the available a la carte rental options, plus radon in air, along with lead and copper in water. Plus, you keep the device for future testing. All lab and shipping fees are included.

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