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Testing indoor air quality in your home or office

Are there contaminants in the air at your home or office?
Have you ever tested your air quality?
What’s stopping you? Time? Money?

Poor indoor air quality is associated with a number of health issues. For sensitive individuals, mold and allergens can wreak havoc. Lead poisoning is related to developmental delays in children and a host of other serious symptoms. Asbestos is linked to lung cancer.

Luckily, there are ways to assess your indoor air quality yourself.

Enter the yogi air quality test kit.

Indoor Air and Water Assessment Test Kit

Whether you’re testing your home or office, or want a custom quote for multiple properties, the yogi saves you the time, cost and hassle of hiring a specialist that you may not need. This easy DIY home assessment provides you with confidential results from an accredited lab for:

As an added value, the yogi also includes drinking water quality testing to check lead and copper levels in your property’s water.

yogi indoor air test – features & benefits

The yogi air quality assessment kit is the easiest and most complete test kit on the market. Here’s what you get:

Peace of mind
With yogi you get an all-in-one kit that will assess your air for 9 environmental contaminants and toxins including mold and allergens, lead, asbestos, radon, VOCs and formaldehyde, along with lead and copper in your drinking water. Sleep easier knowing that you’ve tested your home environment and obtained results from an independent, accredited lab.

yogi do it yourself home air and water testing instrument

The test kit is simple to use and comes with an easy-to-operate instrument, color-coded sampling system and a clear step-by-step instruction manual. All you do is:

drinking water assessment copper lead test
Send to the lab
(postage on us)
drinking water assessment copper lead test
View your
unbiased results

Our comprehensive test kit is an all-in-one assessment of your indoor air and drinking water. The cost to hire individual specialists to perform the environmental tests that yogi offers is 60% higher!

Speedy results
We value your time as much as you do. The yogi eliminates countless hours of researching and scheduling professionals who use the same labs we do. You collect your samples in minutes (radon is a 48-hour sample waiting period) and get your lab results back in 10 business days.

Ready to become enlightened about your indoor environment?

For more info on assessing and improving your indoor air quality, visit the EPA indoor air quality website.