Closing Property Claims Fast

Whether you’re an insurance adjuster, risk manager or insurer, you want your claims processed right the first time.

When your vendors use Live Pure’s yogi-go, they help you: 


  • Get independent verification of test results
  • Avoid escalating claims
  • Set the right reserves
  • Close claims fast
  • Reduce risk

Air testing as low as $150 per claim

To close property loss claims fast, you need to ensure that the work is done quickly AND effectively.

When restoration professionals use the yogi-go environmental testing system, they deliver the proof you need to show that the loss site is free of mold and other contaminants so you close claims quickly and confidently.

Avoid escalating claims


Set your reserves right


Reduce risk


Get independent results


Are your vendors using the yogi-go?

The yogi-go portable environmental test kit is:

  • FAST – sampling takes just minutes
  • EASY – pre-calibrated device has a color-coded, intuitive keypad
  • COMPLETE – test for multiple contaminants with one unit: it’s like 3-pumps-in-1

When your restoration vendors use the yogi-go they are delivering independent, third-party accredited lab results verified by Certified Industrial Hygienists on every claim.

Property & Facilities Management

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