Diagnosing Home Asthma & Allergy Triggers: A New Tool

Prevent attacks. Identify triggers.

How would you like to gain insight into your patients’  indoor environments where they spend the most time?

Treating asthma and allergy patients effectively starts with understanding if their environment is exposing them to allergens and contaminants that impact their health.

The yogi House Call is the most comprehensive, sophisticated test on the market. But it’s also easy-to-use. See how it stacks up in this comparison guide.

Important research linking asthma, allergens and environment

A sophisticated test – made SIMPLE

The House Call utilizes spore trap analysis, immunoassay antibody/antigen analysis and sorbent tube spectrometry to identify triggers including:
– Dust mites
– Rodent presence
– Mold
– Bacteria
– Pollen
– VOCs and formaldehyde
– Other respiratory tract irritants

A clinician/patient win-win

When you add the yogi House to your practice you deliver personalized care and enable patients to get a complete picture of the environments in which they spend the most time.

You and your patient receive easy-to-read results and full lab reports that help you diagnose, treat and manage their asthma and allergy more effectively.

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Add the House Call to your practice

As the only comprehensive asthma and allergy trigger assessment kit, the yogi tests for mold, pollen, cat and dog allergens, dust mites, rodents, cockroaches, VOCs and formaldehyde in one convenient kit. The portable House Call is:

  • FAST – patients collect samples themselves in just minutes
  • EASY – the pre-calibrated device features a color-coded, intuitive keypad
  • COMPLETE – test for multiple triggers with just one device

*As with all our products, ALL LAB & SHIPPING FEES ARE INCLUDED.

Our standards & practices

Our results, independent labs and Certified Industrial Hygienists adhere to stringent standards and practices set by the following organizations.

The benefits of personalized healthcare

“It is important for the management of allergic disease to not only establish that the patient has an allergy, but also the presence of an allergen in the patient’s environment.  A rational approach to reducing allergen exposure and assessing its effect on patient health can only be developed through the measurement of a personal allergen exposure.”  European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Increase knowledge & reduce exposure

The House Call provides quantifiable data to help identify environmental triggers.  Samples go to an accredited lab and Certified Industrial Hygienists review results.

Medication management

Home environmental intervention can play a significant role in reduction of reliance on emergency asthma medications.

Decrease morbidity

A whole systems approach: medicine, immunotherapy, clinical work and environmental exposure limits are the best way to decrease morbidity and improve outcomes.

Decrease emergency intervention

Identifying and reducing exposures to toxins and contaminants that irritate asthma and allergy symptoms can decrease reliance on emergency interventions.

Improve quality of life

Limiting the number of days a person is ill with asthma and allergy symptoms can significantly improve their quality of life.

Empowering patients

The House Call enables patients to test their indoor environments themselves.  Patients engaged in their own treatments are more likely to follow those plans.

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