Property & Facilities Management

Moving at the speed of light

Your to-do list as a property manager is long. You’re hit with lots of challenges every day. It may often seem impossible to get ahead! Whether you are a commercial or residential property manager, the yogi-go mobile environmental test is a solution that helps you:


  • Differentiate your properties from others
  • Retain occupancy and ensure lease renewals
  • Improve client relationships
  • Maintain a clean indoor environment
  • Reduce liability

Get ahead of the 'green' curve

With the trend toward green living and environmental consciousness growing, it’s more important than ever to address indoor air quality. Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors and healthy living spaces are key to happy clients, tenants and staff.

Improve worker & occupant safety

Making sure that your facilities are healthy living or working spaces is important. Poor indoor air quality can result in increased liability and exorbitant mitigation costs. Testing your properties’ air quality proactively with the yogi-go is your best strategy.

Reduce vendor & consultant costs

If there’s ever an emergency resulting in fire, smoke or water/mold damage, the yogi-go allows you to move quickly, giving you the same comprehensive test results at one-third the cost of hiring an environmental consulting firm. Get proactive and test your properties today, for one less headache tomorrow.

You sample, we do the rest

Our lab is your lab

Using the yogi-go mobile environmental test is easy. You simply collect the samples and send off to our independent, accredited labs. They test samples using scientific methods developed by the EPA, NIOSH, ASTMD and OSHA.

Our CIH is your CIH

All lab tests are reviewed and interpreted by our Certified Industrial Hygienists, and delivered with an easy-to-understand results summary for all contaminants. Should any results come back high, a complimentary CIH phone consultation is also included.

Add the yogi-go to your toolbox


The yogi-go portable environmental test kit is:

FAST – sampling takes just minutes

EASY – pre-calibrated device has a color-coded, intuitive keypad

COMPLETE – test for multiple contaminants with one unit: it’s like 3-pumps-in-1

Property & Facilities Management

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