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Innovative service for listing and buyer’s agents

Whether you’re acting as a listing or buyer’s agent, you want your clients to have a great experience working with you. Making them aware of products, technology and services that can help them buy with confidence or sell quicker sets you apart from other agents.

The yogi home environmental test kit is a tool that can help you help them achieve their goals.

From a financial, health and green living perspective, testing with the yogi makes sense. Add the yogi to your agent toolbox today!

For listing agents: the ultimate concierge service

Help your client get what their home is worth, without excessive negotiations. Selling quickly makes you a rock star, and more happy clients means more referrals! The yogi air and water test enables you to:

  • Prepare for showings – display your client’s positive air and water quality test results at every showing or open house
  • Get proactive to sell fast – when clients discover air and water quality issues that can be barriers to a quick sale, they can address them quickly and economically on their terms
  • “Environmental staging” – promote peace of mind to potential buyers and possibly get clients a higher offer!

For buyer’s agents: you’re a hero!

 As a buyer’s agent, your job is to professionally represent their best interests, and make them feel good about this big financial transaction.

If you’re representing allergic individuals, people with asthma or respiratory diseases, expectant mothers, or families with small children, suggesting the yogi is just the right thing to do. Not only will this help them address any remediation or mitigation costs BEFORE moving it, it will give them peace of mind as they transition into their new home.

Be their hero! After all, their referrals are your bread and butter and happy clients tell their friends!

Add the yogi to your toolbox

The yogi is a home environmental test kit that is:

FAST – sampling takes just minutes

EASY – pre-calibrated device has a color-coded, intuitive keypad

COMPLETE – test for multiple contaminants with one unit

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