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As a home buyer, you’re looking for a safe place to hang your hat, at a good price. When you make an offer, you want to know that the obvious, and not-so-obvious, issues are addressed so there will be no surprises after you settle in.

A typical home inspection consists of checking the interior and exterior of a home – its foundation, plumbing, and electrical and HVAC systems. But what about its air and water quality?

Instead of finding problems years from now, wouldn’t it be helpful to know upfront?

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Address issues before the big move

By adding the yogi air and water test to your home inspection, you will get a thorough assessment of your prospective home’s environment including mold, allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, asbestos, lead and radon in the air, and lead and copper in water.

These contaminants can wreak havoc on your health. From cancer-causing radon to allergy-triggering mold, now’s the time to assess.

When your home inspection includes the yogi, you get the valuable, actionable data you need to determine if remediation is needed.

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A win-win

When you test with the yogi, if results come back normal, you get peace of mind before the big move. High results can guide any necessary remediation steps before or immediately after the closing, which you can address with the seller, possibly lowering the sale price.

Test today, buy tomorrow!

Become empowered to take action to improve your prospective home BEFORE you move in. High results receive a free consult with a certified expert, who can advise you on alleviating any issues, often quickly and affordably.

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