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Now that it’s time to sell your home, you not only want a smooth experience, you want to get what your home is worth without undue haggling. Chances are good that most buyers will want a home inspection, so testing your indoor air and water proactively is a smart move. The yogi can identify potential issues with mold, allergens, radon, lead, asbestos, VOCs, formaldehyde and water contaminants that can be barriers to a quick sale. Plus, any issues revealed can often be addressed quickly and economically on YOUR terms.

Prepare for showings

You’re getting your home spick and span, tallying annual utility estimates, gathering appliance manuals and receipts to pass along, and maybe even starting projects that you’ve procrastinated doing for months, or years! You’re addressing all the visible problems so there are no roadblocks. But what about problems that may be lurking that you can’t see?

The yogi is a fast, easy assessment and empowers you alleviate air and water quality issues, often quickly and affordably.

‘Environmental staging’

Home sellers spend an average of $1,800 to stage their homes. How about putting that money to better use in order to appeal to health-conscious buyers? Introducing the green home trend we call “environmental staging.”

By testing your indoor air and water quality, you can provide buyers with peace of mind that the home they’re buying is free of contaminants, reduce the chance of contingencies, and possibly get a higher offer!

Test today. Test COMPLETELY.

Testing indoor air is important. But don’t just test for one contaminant – get a COMPLETE picture. The easy, color-coded yogi indoor air and water test assesses for 9 contaminants and is the most comprehensive DIY test on the market.

Understand what’s in your air and water today, for a healthier tomorrow.

*NO SURPRISES* - the yogi test kit includes all lab and shipping fees.

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