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Be prepared for whatever occurs

You need to be prepared when you arrive at a loss site. Whatever the damage, time, efficiency, and professionalism are your top priorities.  The yogi-go environmental test kit is a project and time management tool that enables you to:

  • Better serve clients from initial inspection to remediation to final repairs
  • Free up time so you can focus on managing your field teams
  • Decrease staff downtime waiting for consultants and improve bottom line
  • Get administrative and billing tasks done quickly – the yogi is “unit-cost-friendly” for insurance claim estimating software and “time-and-materials-friendly” for large losses
  • Eliminate problems during forensic audits to get paid faster

Bill it yourself. Increase your margins

As the most comprehensive indoor air sampling system, the all-in-one yogi-go helps you:

  • Manage liability
  • Protect your workers, clients and building occupants by managing exposure to air contaminants
  • Support billing and invoicing procedures with comprehensive analytical reporting on microbial presence
  • Support your work product by providing accurate, affordable air quality data upon job completion

Don't gamble with your livelihood

Have your files ever been audited? The yogi-go helps establish a baseline, ensure progress, limit liability and document completion.  Proactively addressing billing issues eliminates headaches from lack of documentation and potential reduction in payout. If it’s not documented, it’s hard to justify scope. Have a plan if someone questions your integrity!

Present your bill with confidence

Our Certified Industrial Hygienists and building scientists work for you, reviewing every report.  Our lab is your lab, and our CIH is your CIH. Our CIHs analyze the results from our independent, third party, accredited lab and weigh the results against historical data and EPA and OSHA threshold limits.
Water damage
There are numerous kinds of water damages. Often, water damages that get categorized as CAT 1 are really CAT 2 or CAT 3. How can you prove that the water is “dirty” or clean? Yogi swab tests can help establish the category of water you are dealing with, affecting your bottom line.
Mold damage
Mold can be a catch-22 for mitigation. Mold can begin to grow 72 hours after water damage, and often a mitigation company isn’t even called within this window. How many times have you begun a mitigation only to be told you wouldn’t be paid for certain work performed because there was no industrial hygienist on site or you didn’t wait for the adjuster to show up? The yogi-go enables you to begin work right away by establishing a baseline and back-up for adjusters. Sampling daily on a job also ensures that mitigation is going according to plan. This documentation is invaluable when being audited by the insurance adjuster and or forensic auditor. There are also line items dedicated specifically for environmental testing in most popular estimating software. Why not utilize them and increase your bottom line while improving services to your clients?
Fire damage
Fires can release numerous toxic chemicals into the air and penetrate the contents of a structure, including building materials. The yogi-go can help to prove the extent of smoke damage.
Smoke damage
Sometimes after work is complete, adjusters ask for proof that what you cleaned wasn’t just dirt, which is pretty hard to prove after the fact. Our fire kit results can often be what insurers want to see before they pay a claim because they establish a baseline for:

  • VOCs
  • Heavy metals
  • Asbestos-like fibers
Restoration & Construction
The yogi-go is designed to have the same impact on the industry as other must-have tools, like the moisture meter and infrared camera. The yogi-go enables restoration contractors to increase revenue and decrease delays due to third party wait times and costs.

You sample, we do the rest

Our lab is your lab

Using the yogi-go mobile environmental test is easy. You simply collect the samples and send off to our independent, accredited labs. They test samples using scientific methods developed by the EPA, NIOSH, ASTMD and OSHA.

Our CIH is your CIH

All lab tests are reviewed and interpreted by our Certified Industrial Hygienists, and delivered with an easy-to-understand results summary for all contaminants. Should any results come back high, a complimentary CIH phone consultation is also included.

Add the yogi-go to your toolbox


The yogi-go portable environmental test kit is:

FAST – sampling takes just minutes

EASY – pre-calibrated device has a color-coded, intuitive keypad

COMPLETE – test for multiple contaminants with one unit: it’s like 3-pumps-in-1

Property & Facilities Management

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