Live Pure’s Savvy Inspector Program

Joining is easy. Benefits are plentiful.

What does it mean to be a savvy home inspector?

The Live Pure Savvy Inspector Program strategy is simple. It is designed to help you:

  • Increase revenue with every inspection
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Provide clients a value-added service that offers assurance that their property’s indoor environment has been assessed for contaminants and toxins

Program at-a-glance

Once you’ve purchased your yogi-go, you’re on your way to increased revenue!

Here’s what you’ll get in your starter kit:

  • Marketing materials, including home buyer brochures and opt-out forms
  • Cooperative advertising and/or referral opportunities
  • Volume discounts, including 5% off all future orders
  • Product demos and online training
  • Our quarterly e-newsletter
Property & Facilities Management

Partner pricing

As a program member, you get special pricing on all Live Pure products. This enables you to offer your clients complete home air and water assessments, or a la carte pricing based on their needs.

We recommend doing a complete air and water assessment to both maximize profits and to give home buyers the most complete results.

For volume pricing or to learn more about the program, just call us at 603-319-8414 x7.

Ahead of the curve, adding value

Many home inspectors don’t offer environmental testing, so your business is on the leading edge when you join. Our program helps you increase your client base and grow your business.

Adding indoor air and water quality testing to your inspection ensures home buyers get a complete understanding of their new home’s living environment – something especially important to new parents, allergic or asthmatic individuals, and green living enthusiasts.

Plus, happy clients tell their friends, which means more referrals!

Our Savvy Inspector program supports you 100%

Our lab is your lab

Using the yogi-go mobile environmental test is easy. You simply collect the samples and send off to our independent, accredited labs. They test samples using scientific methods developed by the EPA, NIOSH, ASTMD and OSHA.

Our CIH is your CIH

All lab tests are reviewed and interpreted by our Certified Industrial Hygienists, and delivered with an easy-to-understand results summary for all contaminants. Should any results come back high, a free CIH phone consultation is also included.

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